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April the second in the year of our Lord, Fifteen Nineteen - Afternoon

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Mon Dieu

What a glorious new day it be today. I hath found a new friend in thee Dear Diary and I daresay that we shall become most intimately acquainted

I doth suppose proper introductions be in order. I do be Mary De Boleyn (Bullen) the eldest of three children of Sir Thomas and Lady Elizabeth Boleyn of Kent. My younger siblings be my sister Anne and my brother Georges

The time that my dear sister Nan and I spent in France in the service of Her Majesty, Mary Tudor, Queen of France and in the service of good Queen Claude (God rest her soul) did prompt us to change the spelling. I daresay I am a bit of a Francophile even if it be not fashionable to be so in England. Detecteth I a bit of snobbery in my person? Heaven for fend!

However, Dearest, I do digress. I was sent to France with Mary Tudor at a tender young age, whereupon my dearest sister Nan did later join me. Ah, the times we had then and my heart acheth for simpler, happier times when we were carefree and girls... 

I do not wish to bore thee Dearest with fleeting bittersweet moments of a silly girl's fancy, so I shall bid thee adieu for now. I eagerly await our next stolen moments together

Au revoir ma chere!

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