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The third of April in the Year of our Lord, Fifteen Nineteen - Morning

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My Dearest and most intimate friend, 

Bon jour et ca va!

I suppose I look to thee for company in that, for soothe, I canst think of any other to confide in. I do admit to being a bit lonely and mayhap this be due in part to my being the eldest of three siblings. I wish in my heart that I were closer to my little brother and sister. It seemeth at times that they take great pleasure in joining together against me to tease, cajole or play the occasional cruel trick ( I do be thinking about the frogs that appeared in my bed during our childhoods). I am only able to laugh at their youthful exuberance and feign absence of envy. I knoweth I must seem to them to be in possession of most out off nature with a hint of disdain for their behavior. This be not in the least bit the truth my dear friend. I possess nothing but the utmost care and concern for their well being and I consider myself their second mother; they be my charges and it be my duty as the eldest sister to set the example for proper behavior and to conduct myself in a most dignified and lady like manner. When one is at court, one must take the utmost care to preserve one's reputation for being pure and sincere of heart, and to not attract the attention of undesirable suitors through malicious rumor and loose tongues that may spread untruths to damage one’s character. 

Ah, life at court. Her most Gracious and Kind Majesty, Queen Catharine of Aragon, consort to our most serene Majesty, King Henry VIII, be a saint amongst women. She hath carried herself these many years with dignity and humility as the wife of our most esteemed and beloved sovereign. One may only imagine how she doth feel regarding her husbands blatant indiscretions. She be most brave to face such (what I should deem to be) humiliation. But he be our lord and sovereign and it do be his God given prerogative to engage in such affairs. And alas, I must confess that I myself may be an object of his longing and affections. God save me for my treasonous thoughts, but in my deepest Christian heart, I canst abide such behaviour and should His Majesty make public hint of affections toward me, I shouldst like to think that I would have the will and the wherewithal to stave off his advances. What sort of example wouldst I uphold for dear Nan and Georges? I shudder to think.

Alors ma cherie, I must take my leave of thee for the time being, however, I look forward to our next stolen moments.

Faithfully yours.

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