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The Thirteenth of May in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Nineteen - Morning

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Bon matain et bon jour!

What a glorious day it be dear friend. I daresay that Dearest Nan hath been on her best behaviour these last few days and has uttered nary an unkind word regarding my reputation in that time. What a blissful gift to nay hear the rumors and tongue wagging she is so oft and eager to let loose. However, 'tis times like these that vex me in that I cannot help but wonder, doth she be concocting some sort of plan to further antagonize me and drive me to despair? Or, God willing, be it just a simple uncharacteristic lapse in her otherwise unseemly ways and I am to be spared injury further perpetrated by her? Ah were there a councilor to aid one in such matters who could procure monetary compensation for injury by mouth or written word! I believe I wouldst have a case!

In any event I shouldst let sleeping dogs lie and not looketh a gift horse in the mouth on this occasion.

Until we meet again mon amie, aurevoir!

Marie de Boleyn

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