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The Fifteenth of May in the Year of Our Lord Fifteen Nineteen - Morning

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Bon Jour ma chere!

Tis a beautiful day today (one must remember to maintain such positive thinking!). It seemeth that my dear sister Nan and I may have set aside, however briefly, our differences and seem to have achieved a sort of truce. Nan didst profusely appologise for being late and missing a pageant for which I didst work many long and tedious hours to prepare for, including being in the presence of Captain Armando day after day. I didst feel a bit sorry and a twinge of compassion for her in her anguish and believe her sorrow and sincerity to be genuine.

Presently, the celebration of the remembrance of Her Majesty's nuptials approacheth. Nan, along with myself, Dame Alice Moore and Jane and Bessie Seymour hath taken it upon ourselves to host a petite soiree in Her honor. It shall be an intimate evening with close friends from the realm and abroad, (and I hath heard that His Majesty wouldst make a special surprise appearance to perform a small skit for which he is so very famous) a festive dinner prepared by a chef from Her Majesty's mother country, drinking, revelry and gifts (these may be of a naughty nature!). The revelry ensueth at sundown of Friday of this week and I be quite proud to say that Nan and I hath spake nary an unkind word to each other in the preparations. We hath procured the use of a castle of a noble lord near the coast and he hath graciously allowed us to make use of his home for the entire evening shouldst we decide to remain awake all night in our revelry. Among the invited include Sir William Light descendant of the House of Miller, Lord and Lady Cromwell, Sir Edward Seymour, His Eminence Cardinal Ippolito di Medici, I believeth one of the faeries of the Realm (to add a bit of magic to the event), Amaretto di Something Or Other Italian (I hath never been able to remember her name! Quelle une faux pas!), and Sir William Paget. I believeth each guest hath been bade invite additional guests as well. Mon dieu this shall be an evening of long remembrance! Unfortunately, Lady Sarah Cartwright hath not been invited as she wouldst look upon the event and our behaviour at such very unfavorably. She do be a bit of a prude, however much of a sweet nature she possesseth. I supposeth we shall have to concoct some excuse for our absences from Court this weekend. Or, we couldst send her home to Wessex for the month to look after the affairs of her familial estate.

I be sorry to say that I must take my leave of thee for the present mon amie, for preparations must needs be made and my time be short, but I shall return to thee anon with more stories and gossip!

Au revoir!


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