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The twenty-sixth of May in the Year of Our Lord FIfteen Nineteen - Morning

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Bon jour, ca va et tres bien!

Mon amie, I have been hearing wonderful news coming to me on the wind that I may be asked to attend the Fall Festival in New Market Village that commences in but a few months! This would be truly an honor as only Her Majesty's most trusted and best imaged ladies in waiting are asked to be in attendance. My dear sister Nan wouldst most likely be there as well and this would be a most opportune time for us to put to use our legendary wit and garner laughs from those we encounter. I may not say it enough, if I even say it at all, but for all of our bickering, intense rivalry that all siblings are destined to partake in and the put downs, I do love my sister and some of my happiest moments are when we be engaged in a fast and furious battle of wits. But I must nay speak of these feelings to her as it wouldst spoil the illusion if either of us were to be revealed to have a rather soft and special place in our hearts for the other. I wipe away the proverbial tear from my cheek. Dear girl, compose thyself for the ink may smear on the page and then what wouldst remain for posterity?

Nan has spent many an hour in preparation for the trek to New Market and hath even found mne input and suggestions to be valuable. Well, at least she hath spake to me those words and whether or not she chooseth to heed mine advice be up to her, however, I am in deep appreciation for her agreement in some of my suggestions. As Ladies in Waiting to Her Majesty, we must represent a standard in femininity, courtly grace, composure, stature and manners on a most impeccable scale as to make even the most chivalrous of gestures questionable. We are to be gracious, courteous, well read, well bred, well dressed, well tressed, (I be a poet and I didst nay koweth it!), compassionate and... and... fiddle sticks! My rhyme hath left me! In any event, the residents of New Market be many and of a multitude of station. Many need the assistance of the Queen's Ladies in achieving a certain level of literacy and fashion awareness, and we shouldst be more than happy to oblige in these areas. Nan hath been relaying to me that there be many a foreign contingency at New Market this autumn. I do hear that members of the French Court are to be in attendance. Mon Dieu and what joy to be in the company of members of my adopted tongue and culture. Me thinks Nan will be most pleased as well. She doth inform me however that a fellow Englishman, a lover of all things French, will be absent this year. That rascal of a courtier who hath caused me to experience much laughter as well as consternation, Sir William Paget. I were looking forward to exchanging witty barbs with him as well as consorting with him amongst the French contingency. He hath spake that if matters at court do not keep him supremely occupied that he may be able to attend the festival if for but a brief time. I shouldst pray a small prayer for his business to be conducted thoroughly and well in hopes that he will be able to join us.

I do also hear that William Carey may be in attendance as well and shouldst this be the case he hath proposed that we play a game of sorts wherein we seek each other out by cryptic clues left for each other so that we may meet for brief interludes. Ah, I shiver and sigh at the thought of his tender touch. However, I must confess that my affections and attentions will be divided between Sweet William and another, who shall most definitely be at New Market and so shall most definitely remain nameless. Again ma chere, another clue as to his identity - it be father who didst arrange this relationship and the attraction I feel towards this man be nay that of tender love, but that of the allure of power, danger and secrecy. It also be father's wishes and I doth resent him using my virtues as a tool and a pawn in his political game. I feel a tinge of bitterness coming on dearest one and I must put down my pen for fear that my feelings wouldst turn to the purest anger at this.

Ma chere, I reluctantly take my leave of thee for the present but promise to return anon.

You're ever faithful friend, Marie.

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