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The Eleventh of June in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Nineteen - Evening

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Bon jour et ca va mon amie!

Mon dieu what a most glorious day it be my dear friend for a courier dispatched by Their Majesties hath reached me with word that indeed I do be invited to join the Royal Progress this autumn to the annual Fall Festival at New Market Village! I be most overjoyed at this news and with the additional good tidings that my dear sister Nan shall be in attendance of Her Majesty as well. I cannot express my excitement and anticipation at the thought of she and I being on our worst, er, best behaviour! And to add these wonderful tidings comes news that our dear brother George is expected at New Market as well! The years that have separated us have been many and I do look forward with giddy childlike anticipation to our reunion.

I hath received word of George's expression of brotherly love and care for me and it doth touch my soul for we were not the closest of siblings growing up. I were in Austria and France for many a year, and the times that we were together he did share in a special relationship with Nan that only younger siblings of a family are wont to do, and oft' time did band together to bully and taunt me to distraction. However, I hath already touched on this painful yet distant past and it be not worth my bringing up again.

I do feel that we hath reached an age of maturity and refinement and can be in each other's company and enjoy each other on an adult level. Heaven for fend!

This endeth this entry for the day dear friend. Until we meet again, au revoir!


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