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The 25th of April in the Year of Our Lord, 1520 - Mid morning

Diary! My dearest and most trusted of confidants - I possess absolutely naught of extraordinary consequence to report to thee this day. 

Yesterday, I didst hear that one Lady Catharine of Oz expressed to my dear sister that she didst find me "really beautiful". Of course I shant argue the point one iota for there be not a word of untruth in it. 

Yesterday were also a special day set aside for those of us in the assistance of others. I were greeted first thing on the morrow with roses that were waiting for me at my station. I were also treated to a special meal and the thanks of my charges. I never knew I were so loved dear friend! I doth warm my heart and I felt a twinge of a tear come to mine eye.

That be all I have for thee this day. I suppose no news be good news!

Anon dearest.


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