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The 26th of April in the Year of Our Lord, 1520 - Mid Afternoon

My dear friend, 

Excitement doth abound as I will be journeying to points north to the village of Scarborough to visit their charming shire for a fortnight. I shall depart on the morrow with my dear friends the Lady Victoria and the Lady Brenna. Lady Victoria hath been kind enough to offer her own carriage for the trek. I do be looking forward to my visit as I will be in the company of good friends and then upon reaching our destination shall be reunited with my dear baby brother and sister. I hear they are both faring extremely well and I am very much looking forward to filling them in on my life as well. I hear that word of mine impending arrival hath spread far and wide (some would muse as my legs are oft - they be just green with envy) and I look forward to the dancing, eating and frivolity that doth abound. I hath promised Georges mine hand for at least one dance in evening whilst my sister doth observe and supervise.

There hath been rumblings of impending rain. Heaven for fend be this naught the case for I will be adorned in the heaviest of velvets that doth absorb moisture like my sis…. Oh tis too tacky to say and my tongue shouldst be cut from my mouth for having such thoughts.

Well, I shouldst be away to prepare for my journey on the morrow. I am all aquiver and thinketh that I shouldst lose much sleep this night.

Until my pen meets thy pages again dear ami,


Mary B.

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