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The Second of May in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Twenty - Later in the Afternoon

Dearest one,

I were immensely concentrating on trying to remember the most important details of my recent outing to Scarborough that I didst neglect to mention those items of fancy and humor that didst serve to add a touch of whimsy to the adventure.

As we sped past a sprawling estate on the way north, we noticed the facade on the exterior noting that horses of the racing variety were bred and raised within its fenced green and rolling lawns. Of particular pride to said estate, which were named the "Swinging J", were a horse I assume to be of goodly steed and speed named Gay Wardancer. Well, this bit of information didst send my companions and I into a fit of laughter as we drove by and not to mention the name of the estate which enhanced the humorous tone to the aforementioned four legged inhabitant. We vowed to learn more about him as his name didst intrigue us so.

We shall be returning to visit the Shire a month from now during the festival to honor those who have died for our country. I suspect the weather to be quite warm then and I must plan the appropriate wardrobe accordingly. The amethyst colored garb I so oft don do be becoming cumbersome as it is autumn and winter apropos as opposed to spring and summer and I do so perspire in it and suffer from the heat so! Perhaps a lighter smock shall suffice and serve me well? However, I must refrain from appearing too "wenchly" as my brother and sister shall no doubt have much to say regarding my appearance shouldst I chose this alternative. Sigh.... One must always be a slave to fashion especially when one has spent so much time in France. Mon dieu. Well, if mistress parfait doth nay approve, I shall just have to reason with her as to the health benefits of nay wearing 2 stones worth of velvet in the stifling heat. Practicality doth often win out over etiquette, or if this be not the case, it shouldst be.

I remember that there didst seem to be a bit of a problem concerning pirates infiltrating, invading and attempting to take for their own the Shire of Scarborough. However, His Majesty, being the clever one that he be, didst thwart their plan with skill and cunning but not after meeting the pirates on the battlefield. The gunfire were deafening and I were afraid for his safety and that of the others, but in the end our side were victorious. Strangely, the Duchess became caught up in the frenzy and didst put a knife to the throat of one on the young girl privateers. It were a tense moment for all and the action didst come to an abrupt halt shortly thereafter. From what I understand they then led one of the pirate captains off to be hanged. I myself canst abide public execution as I didst witness one of my uncles on the Howard side of my family lose his head when just a few years hence. It doth send a shiver through me to remember such unpleasantries. I shouldst nay digress for these remembrances are for entertainment purposes.

I didst also take note that there didst seem to be less of the fae and those who wouldst don chain mail bikinis about. Thank God for this latter individual's lack of presence. It doth turn my stomach to see them gallivanting about in New Market with their flesh oozing out of every pore and link of the chain mail. Inquiry - why be it those who shouldst NAY be wearing such thing that do wear them? A quandary wrapped up in a paradox wrapped up in a conundrum.

Well ma cherie, I do grow wearing of composing this day so I shall lay aside my pen and bit thee adieu until the morrow.

Until then mon ami,

Mary B.

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