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The Sixth of May in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Twenty - Morning

A glorious day to thee dear ami! I hath learned that it be all but official that the Ladies Victoria and Brenna shall be joining us this autumn for the annual progress to the shire of New Market. I be so excited as they are companions that anyone shouldst be so lucky to have in their midst. They didst meet with the Director of the Progress, Master Cromwell, to convince him why they shouldst be part of this year's revels. He were impressed by their charm and their wit to such a degree that he didst nay require them to answer all the questions as are normally required in the interview. It doth remain to be seen which group they shall accompany as we progress. I suspect they shall both be joining the royal court if Lady Brenna is nay to accompany the Scottish contingency. These two cousins hath exhibited behavior in the past that wouldst make even Nan and myself cringe. Shouldst ad a bit of spice to our small and intimate club of ladies. 

The Derby were this weekend and once again, I hath exhibited mine ability to chose horses wisely. Of the last six years, I hath chosen three winners, and those steeds that didst nay cross the line first, didst so in the second position. However, I must add that I carefully considered the horse that proved his speed above all others this race. Tis most unfortunate however that I cannot hope to gain financially from this gift that I possess, for if I were to place a wager, I wouldst surely jinx the outcome and nay win (hee hee! Nay! No pun intended.) And so goes the dance of wit. Mon dieu!

Well, I shall now sally forth dear ami and begin my day as I bid thee anon.


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