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The Seventh of May in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Twenty - Morning

My dear ami, 

Today I am afeared I am not well. The pounding in my head doth vex me so and drive me to distraction. In sooth, I be unable to concentrate on even the simplest and mundane of tasks before me. I be even unable to write well as my hand doth wish to go off in its own direction. I be nay my usual, effervescent, lively, witty self this day. I hath made arrangements to visit the physician and apothecary so as to receive diagnosis and relief for mine affliction. Hopefully relief will be swift as I be miserable. I canst breathe properly, my head doth ache, mine eyes do nay see correctly, I do be dizzy and a tad bit disoriented. Tis most uncomfortable and alarming at the same time. I do so wish to feel better so that I may be in better spirits. I shall say anon to thee at this juncture for my concentration be waning.

Adieu mon ami.


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