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The Ninth of May in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Twenty - Early Afternoon

Greetings and salutations ma chere,

Well, I didst visit the King's physician yesterday and he didst determine that mine affliction be caused by an imbalance of humours resulting from atmospheric pressure that doth exert force in my head which canst balance itself out. How truly dreadful! Luckily he didst nay prescribe a bleeding, but in its stead, he dist prescribe for me an elixir that is to be sprayed directly into my nose as well as an herb that I am to take once daily to alleviate the symptoms. I daresay it doth be making me a bit drowsy and unbalanced. Tis quite unnerving as I doth require my wits to be about me this day in order to perform my duties. Mayhap Her Majesty wouldst be good enough to excuse me for the day in order to obtain some much needed rest. I am hopeful that I shall be able to even make it down the hall to her chambers to inquire.

Til anon my dear ami, I remain faithfully thine

Mary B.


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