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The nineteenth of May in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Twenty - Mid morning

My most cherished amie,

Yesterday were one of those days that couldst nay have been better. After journeying to return a suit of armor Lord Cromwell were most kind enough to loan to a local production of a pageant, my dear sister Nan and I dist share our afternoon dining experience together at a quaint tavern called The Black Eyed Pea. She and I both, in sharing a portion of our brains, didst order almost identical meals of broiled cod, summer squash and a fried green vegetable, hers being a most delightful delicacy from the New World called okra, and mine from the New World as well, fried green tomatoes. Quite the taste treat I might add. She didst comment however that they didst nay offer tuna on the menu as that were the meal that wouldst most likely befit me.

A pleasant surprise as Nan were on her best behaviour and we didst get along famously. The poor steward who didst serve us (and who IMHO were of the light in the slippers variety) were witness to the one brief exchange of unpleasantries we didst exchange, however, it were turned humorous in an instant with his comments toward the love he observed we didst exhibit for one another. We soon forgot why we were in the mind frame to hurl barbs at each other and instead focused on the torture of our poor steward with our wit and charm.

Nan and I were able to discuss plans for this autumn’s progress to New Market. It doth seem that the Ladies in Waiting to Her Majesty, Queen Katharine shall be mighty in number this year. The honor hath nay been communicated to each of them as of yet so I shall refrain from revealing their identities within till such a time as is appropriate. Needless to say we shall be a force to be reckoned with and a dare say those rascally King’s Men shall have their work cut out for them. Mayhap we couldst engage in friendly wager or contest of wits with their organization this time around.

Well, Nan and I were brainstorming as it were to try to come up with interesting and engaging activities for the ladies. We thought the two schools of dance, one for the ingenues and one for those ladies who were more experienced wouldst be apropos. I didst suggest the Mary Boleyn Hokey Pokey which the double entendre didst nay slip the quick wittedness of Nan’s attention. Of course I did have to explain the benefits of the activity as exercises to keep our bodies in shape and the corset cinching to a minimum. And as always, the inevitable likeness of being on one’s back be of great benefit to one’s posture. Of course the Mary Boleyn School of Charms and Graces for Young Maidens, Washer Woman and the Occasional Charity Case shall return. I dare say methinks that my charitably minded mind feeleth the need for more poor souls whom need shaping in the proper ways of courtly mannerisms. Mayhap I shall speak to Mistress Diva of the Dance and inquire regarding our admissions standards.

Nan doth feel it important that we as a group shouldst learn a bit of the native language of our sovereign. As I understand it, her parents, Their Majesties King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, who didst sponsor Captain Cristobel Colombo on his journeys to the New World shall be in attendance this year. Twould be most impressive if we, in Her Majesty’s service, dist beguile them with greetings in their native tongue. Mayhap we shouldst engage the services of the ambassador. In any event, I shouldst demonstrate here the Spanish that I hath managed recently. Ahem. “Buenos Dias.” “Donde estas el bano.” “Uno mas cerveza, por favor.” I think I am coming along quite nicely there.

Well dearest amie, I hath written mine self into a state that if I nay cease at this moment, I shouldst go on for eternity. Mon dieu!

I shouldst leave thee be for the time being and return anon.

Til then mon couer est ton? Oh dear, I seem to be forgetting mon francais!

Alors!! Alors!!


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