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The Ninth of May in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Twenty - Mid Morning

My dearest confidant!

It is for shame that I hang my head for I hath neglected to visit thee and relay to thee my most recent activities. Needless to say my level of activity hath been abundant for how could I be so neglectful. I shall just begin where I didst leave off with thee when last my pen met thy pages on the 19th of May. My goodness how the hours and day doth fly.

Well, to begin with, I didst progress once again north to the shire of Scarborough on the 25th of May over the holiday that didst observe those who had died in battle in service to our country and His Majesty to protect our sovereignty. It were a short jaunt, only two days. There I didst join with the Ladies Victoria, Brenna, my dear sister Nan, my brother Georges, the Lady Jocelyn, Master Cromwell and his goodly wife and a beguiling newcomer to the midst, a prince from the country of Lebanon near Palestine in the Holy Land. What a handsome and learned gentleman he were. And quite mysterious as well for he be not a Muslim as are prevalent in the Holy Land. I do hope our paths cross again.

The festival in Scarborough were jolly and it were good to see everyone yet again. I did procure a portrait of myself demonstration proper curtsey technique to some of those in attendance including one known as Wolfie. Hmmmm, Germans. Fashion sense be an oxymoron in reference to one from their kingdom. It were a goodly romp as there were a great feast held in honor of the conclusion of the festival and we were most welcome. The food and the company were most good.

After returning home, I didst hear from my sister who be always in the know, that there hast been a selection by Her Majesty of who wilst accompany Her this autumn on the annual progress to New Market village! Nan and I of course will be in attendance along with the Lady Arden McCorquodale who seemeth to have adopted England as her home as she never didst manage to make the return journey to Scotland and the court of Queen Margaret. Mayhap Margaret felt that she were learning well the ways of a proper lady and didst beseech her to remain and be tutored by those of us who are knowing in the ways. In any event, ‘twill be a joy to have her once again in our midst. The Ladies Victoria and Brenna shall be joining us as well. Such a treat as they provide most excellent and well tempered and well bred company and are a delight to all they encounter. The Princess Mary, Duchess of Suffolk, the King’s younger sister will be joining us as well. I understand that we have a young lady of Moorish decent in our midst as well who be knowledgeable in the artistry of perfumes. She should keep us all smelling nicely and warding off the plagues that tend to crop up every now and again. I hath learned there shall be twelve of us in all. A goodly number as that were the number of apostles that didst follow the teachings of Our Lord as we follow the humble example of our Majesty, Queen Katharine in all Her piety.

I understand that Master Cromwell hath undertaken a right ambitious project of this year’s masque. It shall be an opulent production retelling the tale of one unfortunate Spaniard, Cabeza de Vacca who were shipwrecked somewhere on the shores of the New World and didst wander for nine years with the indigenous population. I hear tell his story be quite remarkable as he didst perform several miracles of healing the natives and they didst adopt him as one of their own. I hath seem glimpses of the pageantry and I be duly impressed with the scenery and the mode d’emploi of the relaying of the tale as it is too fantastical for mere words. Visual imagery be of the utmost importance in this undertaking.

I shall be donning new attire this year in the form of a most wondrous tailoring of a garnet, gold and black dress. The underskirt shall be of black and gold brocade, the main body shall be of the garnet velvet and the sleeves shall be of black velvet as well as the trim on the skirt. I do have some lovely false sleeves in my possession that shall accent the ensemble quite nicely. I am however also in need of new bindings and a smock. Nan hath promised that her personal seamstress who is of the utmost skill shall produce a heavenly creation for me and I shall shine. I am quite anxious to see it as I am sure it will be nothing short of exquisite. Hmmmm, I must see about new bloomers as well. Mine seem to wear out too quickly as of late.

Well my dearest, my hand doth ache for the volume I hath composed herein and I must bid the anon for now and promise, as I always do, that I shall nay be as neglectful as in the past weeks.

Thine in prose,


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