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The Twenty-fourth of July in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Twent - Late Morning

Good day to thee dearheart!

It doth seem that Her Majesty hath recognized mine artistic talents and hath granted me the privilege be being Her Majesty's Mistress of Calligraphy, which be in sharp contrast to what my dear sister Nan didst suggest, Mistress of the Sheet Warmer. I believe Nan hath been granted Mistress of the Wardrobe, Lady Victoria hath been granted Mistress of Coiffures, Lady Corky hath been granted Taster of the Queen's Beverages (as she is quite experienced in this particular discipline). We shall each be receiving a small stipend from Master Cromwell for our efforts. Their Majesties are most generous.

The Master of Revels be planning a masque extravaganza to rival all others he hath produced in recent years. It seemeth that a Spaniard hath returned from a perilous journey of exploration to the New World and his story be too fantastic to nay be told. I hath heard that Cabeza de Vacca didst spend nay but nine years wandering the New World living with and ministering to the native peoples of the area. He also be credited with miracles of healing and didst regard the native peoples as his equal in humanity. Such a noble man and able to survive in the wilderness. God hath certainly blessed him.

Well, being as that I have no gossip for thee this day I am afeared I shall end my narrative here. However, shouldst anything come about I shall nay fail to document it within thy pages.

Adieu ma chere.


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