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The 4th of March in the Year of our Lord 1521 - Morning

My dearest friend

I didst wish to mention that Master Holbein hath agreed to design and render a new look for thee. I can’t wait to see it and I am clueless as to how long it will take to complete, but it promises to be rich and beautiful!

In the meantime I do wish to render response to some who have left me kind messages. 

1. Firstly, in response to the goodly soul referred to as Orange Wench. Her (at least I am lead to believe it be a “maid”) message to me were: “How can you write like that for this long without getting an enormous headache or an eye-twitch? Interesting theme, I must say.” I say this! I actually DO posses a twitch of the eye that be most irritating, especially in the morning when I am trying to apply cosmetics in that delicate area. Whether or not it be from my speech patterns be nay of consequence. As a matter of fact, I am SURE and will wager whatever I posses that it be from the constant torture and irritation I receive from my brother and sister on a daily basis. And in response to the former portion of her query regarding my being able to write as such for such an extended period of time without the headache, I respond thusly: I be paid, compensated with wages (albeit not handsomely) to be able to speak King’s English correctly for 7 weekends of the year in the autumn. Once one hath become learned in the ways of King’s English, it become like a horrible disease one canst nay rid themselves of, much like a song virus! I also take pleasure in referring to it as a party trick of sorts.

2. Secondly, to the “tattodnanny” with a very strong fetish for Master Kevin Smith and his cinematic masterpiece “Dogma” (“My friend, it’s hard to be anal retentive when you don’t have an anus!”) and to whom I tried to get a message via e-mail, my dear sister, who introduced me to this online journal keeping hath nay been writing in hers for nigh upon two years hence. Therefore, she hath been sent into Diaryland oblivion for her negligence. I dare say hers was an impeccable piece of literary genius and I hath been encouraging her to become involved once again. In fact, it hath come to mine attention that all of the friends I have listed as favorite journals have let lapse their musings. It be of no consequence as I shall delete them from my page. Sigh. I hate to see friends let go. 

I do hope that answered all queries.

I take special note of the absence of Sir William Paget as his musings were of a special nature. For a time he and I exchanged penned messages betwixt ourselves and he were inspired to render these communications into a revel production! As I understand it he be penning the script surely as I write. For those interested in his projects, information about them can be obtained at Our motto be “Sundance doesn’t want us, and Anne Rice won’t give us the time of day!” That tag line shouldst no doubt pique interest!

Well my friend, I must away as duty calls.




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