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The Ninth of March in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Late Morning

I didst promise to deliver the goods on Nan and now shall live up to that promise.

THIS be what my dear sister doth consider right and proper conduct for a lady becoming of the Boleyn family. I present to thee, Anne Boleyn, corset queen:

Shall we take a moment to gaze upon her unmentionables, as dainty and as feminine as they are and discuss why this be inappropriate attire for one so nobly born? Ah, but first might I make thee privy to some background information. This be out of doors, Heaven for fend! And, in addition to this degradation to the good name of Boleyn, she be dressed as such to engage in hand to hand fighting! It were my impression that she were spending her idle time becoming learned in the ways of stitchery and embroidery for when she be clothed at her finest and most lady like she do be a vision:

Were that she be mine own daughter I wouldst nay hesitate to have her immediately removed from court in order to prevent further insult to our family name. Think me cruel and overly harsh in my opinions and remonstrations of my dear sister? Fret ye not for it be that I possess naught but the best in mine intentions for her as she possesseth much potential to go on and be the future wife of a man of some importance and stature. Surely this be the aspirations of ever parent in this day and age, to see their daughters married well. And I do so wisheth the same for myself and my sister. As for Georges, I doubteth not that he shall be made a fine match as well.

I do so encourage Nanís peers and friends to support her in her reformation from dueling girl to the lady I knoweth in mine own heart she shall surely metamorphose into one fine day.

Til I take quill to thee again, anon.

Mary B.

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