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The Eleventh of March in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Mid Afternoon

New Page 1

Mi lords and ladies, 

I presenteth to thee, my new journal pages. Be they simple and elegant? I do prefer the bold outstanding colour to bland pastels. I be nay a fan of business on one's pages and my tastes be accurately reflected as such. I do be interested in what the dear readers think and welcome all to opine. Dost thou have a suggestion for improvement. 

How I wish my dear friend Bannerreview wouldst return to her work in all her gothy glory for her opinions were golden.

I do have much to attend to this day as I hear that my dear brother George be out of sorts with his betrothed, that wicked Jane Parker and be prancing about in a foul mood. I must assume the role of elder sister and calm his nerves.

I do wish to leave all of thee with this important message which be pertinent to these trying times, and I quoteth mine own self: "Engage in wanton expression of carnal affection, nay demonstrations of military prowess"

Adieu ma chere!


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