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The Seventeenth of March, in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Mid-Afternoon

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I believe the correct greeting for the day is "Top O' the Morning to Ye and Well Met!"

Ah, tis the day of the Feast of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Humph. That be all the Irish have going for them, bunch of in their cups Highlander wannabes. Gasp! I do be so sorry for that unkind remark. Really. 'Twas most unbecoming of me. 

I didst wish to inform each of that I do be conducting some research and hath created some wee surveys that can be found in my surveys page. One doth deal with royalty throughout the ages. Who wouldst thou have been? The other do be the 5 people, any people, thou couldst have over to sup with thee, prithee, who wouldst grace thy table with their blessings and presence? I do so wish to know. Prithee, take time to read mine own responses. I myself couldst nay predict mine own answers. I do be a bit surprised at them!

If thee do be nay aware of a most intimate friend of mine, do visit tudor-diva. I admit that much of who I be today I owe to her. A true gem of a friend and one favoured in the eyes of the Lord.

Alas, my dearest little lap dog, a wee white terrier by the name of Abigail be not herself this day, nor the past day. I do believe she be in a state of, what our goodly animal apothecary refereth to as, wanting to shag the first little boy doggie that looketh her way. Her doggie Aunt Flo hath come for a visit this week. I do feel for her for the panting she does goeth on and on and on and she be all out of sorts. And needless to say that spending time in my lap be out of the question. Those be nasty stains for the washer women to attempt removal of.

Unfortunately my precious, I must away to console a dear friend who hath lost her beloved four footed friend this day most suddenly and unexpectedly. She be most devastated and I need be with her as she grieves.

Anon dear.


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