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The Eighteenth of March in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Right before bed

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Dear friends, I do be in a bit of a quandary if it were and I require some timely and sage advice from any and all who wouldst offer.

Being as that my rise in favor amongst thee, my peers were largely due my exposure to those unbeknownst to me through positive image exposure and placement, and now as my banners displaying mine image hath been distributed in their entirety, I beseech each of you to advise me, yea or nay, to have my father purchase additional banners to further promote my goodly and virtuous name and image and to crusade against that awful pseudonym that doth haunt me to this day, that of a great whore. 

Were I to have father make such a purchase I do be in need of consultation as to how mine image should be portrayed and yea verily a slogan doth be in order as well. My badge shouldst reflect my personality as well as my favorable visage. Prithee, each of thee who doth care to visit provide me counsel as to the best of course of promotion for the Lady Mary.

Until we are again met, I bid thee adieu.

Mary Boleyn

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