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The Twenty-First of March in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Bed time

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Oh dear, I do be lonely as many have nay called upon me for visits of late. Father shall have to get his request into the illuminator as quickly as possible in order to procure notice inviting the lords and ladies to prithee come hither and pay visit to the Boleyns.

I wouldst be most happy were some of mine older acquaintances leave word for me that I be in their thoughts and be wishing me good tidings.

Were that I were to have the blessing of hours available to me during the week's end, I shall take quill to thee and give thanks to each and every one whom hath stated that they be admirers of me for public relations are what I do best, well, besides His Majesty.

Oh dear, I hath gone and made a funny joke.

Diary! I didst forget to document that the rehearsals for the pageant be going swimmingly. Mine actors are brilliant, they do be intelligent and creative as well. We were able to complete all of the directional movement for each and everyone within the performance space within the course of two evenings. This do be unheard of amongst those who are of the theatre realm. And even with the lapses in the activity, we were able to complete our allotted tasks. I tell thee this shall be a production to remember and I be most proud as well as humbled to be a part of it.

Cheers to thee!


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