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The Twenty-eighth of March, in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Mid morning

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I didst wish to wax poetic this day with a tome that were inspired by a certain musician of the court upon whom His Majesty hath bestowed a certain recognition for his accolades and artistic achievements. 


Prithee ponder on who hath returned, and returned again.

Lady Mary Boleyn hath returned. Prithee inform all thine acquaintances!

Ponder on who hath returned (repeat 7 times.)

A vile wretched creature hath been concocted for no one wisheth to see Lady Mary any more, they do desire the King's Whore.

Poor Lady Mary do be liver of a minced variety.

If it be the King's Whore that thou wisheth to see, then this be what ye shall receive: a wee bit of effects from the apothecary along with some hippocras.

A chalice of wine shall get thy pulse racing quicker than when the physician doth apply a herbal salve to get thy humours back into proper balance and harmony.

Thou hast waited long and patiently so, prithee, cease thy debates for in sooth I do be in attendance and painfully plagued by my dear Aunt Flo.

I be aware that thou hast duties to attend to Dear Queen Katherine, but thy husband, our Dear Lord and Sovereign, King Henry VIII hath been over indulging in culinary delights of late and his over abundant girth do be alarming.

My dear sister Nan will nay cease to torment me, nor let me shine, so I must needs reexamining.

My father didst try to cease operation of the Mary Boleyn School of Charms and Graces for Young Maidens, Washer Women and the Occasional Charity Case, but it doth feel as if without my presence there do be a vacuum.

This doth bear the appearance of an occupation requiring mine attention, so prithee, take my lead, for a small bit of controversy be nay a bad thing, it doth feel as if without my presence there do be a vacuum.

Dear friends, as artists we must needs band together in solidarity and be heard! 

My writings may not be of the highest caliber, but I do so hope that they entertain thee and endear me to thee.

Adieu mes amis!

Mary B.

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