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The Thirteenth of April in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Mid Morning

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Dearest Friends

In all of my musings these past months, I hath scornfully neglected to introduce each of ye to my dear baby brother Georges. So without further adieu, I presenteth to ye, George Boleyn, Lord Rochford!

Please let me relay to each of ye some of the taunting and indignities suffered by me at the hands of my two younger siblings, Anne and Georges. I believeth "mob mentality" be the crux of the issue when referring to these two. But fret ye naught, for it do all come back to bite one in the posterior in the end.

As I be the eldest, regardless of my gender, things were to be expected of me. I were to set the example of behaviour for my younger kin by always striving to be gentility to the utmost degree. I were to be seen and nay heard. I were to hone my manners most impeccably. I were to be learned but nay outspoken. I were to be well groomed and well dressed, even as a child, for thou doth understand, it were and still be the ambition of our beloved father, Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire and Ormonde, to ascend as high in His Majesty's favor as possible. All of these things were required of me I trust ye to know that I carried these responsibilities upon my shoulders with brevity and a sense of family honour. For my future and knowing that a goodly match in a husband wouldst be made for me one day were partially in mine own hands.

When one is but a child one doth be expected to behave as such. However, when one doth reach a certain age one be expected to consider the consequences of one's actions. How many times I were blamed for the improprieties of Anne and Georges I canst nay count. I will be more than happy to list some examples for thee in order to prove the conspiracy they didst conjure up out of sheer jealousy (as I be father's favourite) in order to facilitate my downfall within the family. My halcyon days at Hever Castle, my family's estate in Kent were some of the happiest and most wretched of my life.

Do let me begin with the day when I were 7, Georges 5 and Anne 4. As there were a goodly coop of chickens at our family seat, the young ones felt that they were playthings. One day, mother walked into the main foyer to find a bevy of 17 chickens enjoying their morning meal on one of mother's rugs imported from Persia. She were in a snit needless to say and demanded to know who were responsible. I were blamed of course by the younger two and although I were in no way shape or form responsible, we were all whipped soundly. Our housemaid, Cecily didst have quite a time cleaning the waste from the offended carpet.

There were the time that the two of them didst dig up the carrots from the vegetable patch after a goodly amount of rain didst turn that area into a mud pit. When they didst track the offending muck onto the polished floors of the dining room, I were again blamed for the offense. Quite obviously I were nay the perpetrator. But I were punished alongside the two of them for nay preventing the inappropriate behaviour.

This were to become a pattern that wouldst carry over for several years. Georges and Anne wouldst do wrong, but I were to suffer because of their naughtiness for nay preventing nor taking corrective action myself.

Were I to list all the the conspiracies against me it would take a novel to describe them all. The two examples listed above are but the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

However, revenge do be sweet as now, my poor baby brother, be betrothed to one of the the most hideously wretched ladies in the realm, the Lady Jane Parker who doth so offend mine own sensibilities, that I feel sorry for my brother and do nay wish this punishment on anyone. I do know that Anne feeleth his pain as well as her special bond with Georges do run deep. I would use mine influence with His Majesty to help rectify the situation, however, I am to be seen and nay heard. Hmmmmmmm.......................

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