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The twenty-sixth of April in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Early afternoon

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It may well seemeth to many of thee as such, however I do heartily wish to dispel any vicious rumors of mine untimely demise as I hath been nay communicating for a while. Thou dost see that mine involvement in the illustrious pageant I dist mention earlier in my musing hath readily made unavailable to me any spare time what-so-ever and as such, I hath nay been able to write. But be ye not concerned, for the pageant do be progressing beautifully and shall premier this coming Saturday, the third of May. And might I say so mine own self that I do be most pleased with my players, my effects personnel as well as the overall look of the piece. God wouldst surely be pleased that we hath so honored Him with this work as to extol His awesome power of goodness and it triumph over evil. His Majesty shall nay fail to notice the juxtaposition of His goodly person to that of our Dear Lord. I am sure He shall be pleased as well.

I regret that the next week shall find me breathing, eating, sleeping and living the theatre and shall nay returneth to my quarters but to sleep and sleep well. Until I return to thee dear journal and friends, do keep me in thy prayers for my nerves do be as frayed as the bindings on Nan's corsets from being unlaced so oft by... well, I shant deface her any more than she has already done to herself.

Until next week, anon.


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