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The Seventh of May in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Mid afternoon

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The sun be high in the sky and the heat be stifling and there be no relief in sight. I be suffering immensely in this stagnant weather and long for a cool breeze to kiss my neck with its soothing breath.

I didst wish to finally return to the land of the living, or rather to avail myself to my frequent musings as rehearsals for my pageant hath concluded and we do be in full run and production. Needless to say that a gentleman named Murphy who do abide by his own set of rules as well as lay rules for others were in attendance this past Saturday when the fruits of our labors were to come to fruition and our show were to open. Most unfortunately, God didst see it fit to take from one of my goodly players and his wife their unborn child. She were but 12 weeks, however, the devastation they do feel were as if they didst lose a child that had been born into this world kicking and screaming. He were unable to perform and my heart didst go out to him in his time of grief and sorrow. 

And then, we didst learn of another serious health issue, that being the goodly mother of another of my players. She were under careful observation as her kidneys were failing and 3 liters of fluid didst require extraction from her abdomen. God be praised that she were shown very quickly to be improving and the offending infection do be abating.  Our opening performance were cancelled in order for those who didst desperately need be with their families in this time of crisis.

Needless to say we were of course most eager to go on the next day and did so without hesitation nor flummoxation of performance. Everyone did so beautifully and the diminutive but appreciative audience were most kind and didst applaud as necessary. One cannot expect large throngs on days such as a Sunday afternoon. We do have three remaining performances and expect the room to be full to the rafters with eager theatre goers!

One incident of note that didst have me in stitches occurred in one particularly tense and emotional scene. One of our heroines must be done away with or she will be destined to wander the earth forever as the undead and Lucifer's concubine. In order to save the soul of the poor wretch, her crypt must be entered, and her head severed from her body and a stake driven into her heart. The lights were brought down in order for the crypt to be set. On the front reads the name "Westenra", that being the surname of our poor heroine. When the lights didst return to the performance area, the crypt had been erected upside down and the name were upside down and backwards. 'T'were all I couldst do to stifle my laughter and disturb the audience. Luckily for them, the players in the scene never see the facade of the crypt and were blissfully unawares of its condition. Were they to have known, I know not what their reaction wouldst have been. Thank Heaven for small mercies! 

Mayhap my life shall return to some semblance of normalcy now that I be nay occupied in mine evenings with theatrical endeavors.

Might I add in closing that I be most proud of all the diligence and hard work everyone put into this production and seeing it to fruition. I do so hope that we reap the audience attendance we so richly deserve.

Until anon!

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