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The Twenty-First of May in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Late evening

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In sooth I do be most flummoxed as Nan and I didst meet with Their Majesties over the weekend so that we might be spoken with regarding our duties this impending autumn. Tis rumored that we may be sent to France as a goodwill gesture to His Majesty, Francois Premiere (and whom I do miss most achingly) in order to improve international relations betwixt these two rival sovereigns. 

To be quite frank, I am happy to serve Their Majesties in whatever capacity they deem most fit for a Lady of my station and shall accept whatever duties are required of me with a smile upon my face and a song in my heart. I knoweth well that Nan shall welcome the journey back her beloved France where she were all the rage in the French court, a Lady of most becoming and trend setting fashion and utmost grace. I beam with pride as she didst learn all she knoweth from moi.  

Thou can rest assured as well, dear hearts, that she be most anxious to see her secret admirer, the patisserie Jean-Michel. He didst always have a soft spot in his heart for her and didst name one of his most brilliant creations in her honor, the Lady Finger. I was betokened with a cherry tart. One must needs pout not as it doth cause wrinkles on one's visage. But no matter, mayhap this time around I shall inspire something to outshine Nan. 

Until I do hear from Their Majesties, my belly shall be all atwitter with anticipation!

Anon and adieu!


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