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The Thirteenth of July in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - 12 past 9 in the evening

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Prithee, to ye who mayest have happened upon my humble writings through a search using  Google, Yahoo, Netscape or any of the other myriad of methods to search this vast informational highway, I shouldst very much like to be so informed as such with either an entry into my guestbook or a note.  I do be most innately curious as to why ye were searching for Mary Boleyn and what didst ultimately lead thee to these pages.   It be only to satisfy mine own curiosity and I maketh to thee a solemn vow here and now to nay send to ye correspondence informing thee that there be manor ownership loans with lower interest rates available for thee, or that thou mayest possess a larger member or a larger bosom, nor send thee an invitation to view portraiture of young ladies in compromising positions with barnyard animals.  I do be far above that most base of promotion.

I eagerly await thy messages and until then anon.


Mary B.

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