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The Twenty-first of July in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - 28 past 8 in the evening

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Sigh, what doth one speak of when there be naught of consequence to report?  Suffice it to ponder that these last several days hath been, less than extraordinary.  I do wish, however, to welcome flyinby, dreammeaway, veuvenoire and me-me-meee as my newest and most beloved readers.  Oh Heaven for Fend!  All my readers do be most beloved for it be for thee that I pen my tomes.  I heartily bid thee welcome to my realm and hope to keep each of thee entertained for some time.

Having naught of consequence to report on Nan and her, what I am sure is maddening, confinement back at Hever Castle, I do wish to pose to all of ye, questions that be some of the universe's most perplexing mysteries.

1.    Why be it that when physicians and men of the law perform their work it do be called "practice"?
2.    If "shat" be the past tense of the ever popular vulgarity "shit", praytell, what be the meaning of Shatner?
3.    Hast thou ever imaged a world void of hypothetical situations?
4.    If thy heifer were to suddenly become most amused and laugh, pray tell, wouldst milk be forcibly ejected from her nose?
5.    If the alchemist were to invent instant water, with what wouldst one mix it?
6.    I didst read an entire dictionary once.  I didst think it were a poem about everything.
7.    Why doth the word "cleave" (and I be nay speaking of mine own cleavage) mean both to split apart and stick together?
8.    What be another word for "thesaurus?"
9.    After eating, doth a fish have cramps?
10.    What be it that sheep count when they can nay sleep?

Prithee, ponder on each of these queries and if any of ye haveth the answers, I wouldst very much like to know.

Anon dearhearts!


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