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The Ninth of August in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - 7 and 35 in the morn

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Greetings All and Well Met!

I hath received query from one Rodriquez, and it be most unfortunate that I nay knoweth how to address this person, that being Master or Mistress for no clue hath been left as to the identity of his/her gender.  Nor didst they leave me a link to his/her diary I be afeared.  HOWEVER!  I didst wish to answer Rodriquez's query is it were a good one.

"Dearest Mary,

 Just wondering--Did they have pizza in the 16th century? If so, did people go to pizza places for dates? If not, what was the dare I say "hippest" place to hang out?"

 What be this "pizza" thou doth speak of?  Methinks it be a culinary delight from Italy that hath nay reached our fair shores here in England.  Suffice it to say that we English are not without our sumptuous culinary creations.  Our diet consists mostly of meats of all varieties including wild boar, quail, goose, and venison (my personal favorite.)  Vegetables be nay as plentiful, however onions, leeks, turnips, fruits of all varieties, and some of THE most divine and heavenly confectionary creations one didst ever lay eyes or mouth on grace our tables.  His Majesty hath employed many of the great chefs of the country and the continent to prepare each and every day three square meals for the royal court and courtiers all at His own expense.  There be several hundred people to feed each and every day and I dare say that the Royal privy purse doth take a beating at this expense.  However, His Majesty be most generous and wisheth us all to be well fed.  

I must admit that my favorite part of meals at court do be the desserts, many of which become sugary sculptural masterpieces created by the finest pastry chefs in the world.  Marzipan and gold leaf do abound in these desserts that are oft constructed to resemble palaces, the Tower and the Tower Bridge.  Tis a sight to behold and a shame that we must eat them later, but they do be most delicious and horrible for thy teeth.  If thou art interested in 16th century and Renaissance cooking, there be many a delicious recipe here for thy perusal.

Having said that, I must answer the second part of thy query regarding the "hippest place to hang out."  Well, THE place to see and be seen be at court in the presence of Their Majesties.  If  thou art of means, then thou wilt be lucky enough to be made a good matrimonial match.  Tis true that most marriages amongst the gentry do be arranged and must have the consent of His Majesty.  This do be for very complicated reasons I shall nay address at this time, save to mention that certain unions couldst jeopardize His Majesty's reign by strengthening others' claims to the throne (and there do be several).  My father do be working on negotiations for a match for myself and I be fortunate that I know this gentleman and find him attractive and that I have feelings for him.  Unfortunately as we hath seen with my dear sister Nan, she didst become secretly engaged to the future Duke of Northumberland, Lord Henry Percy, which, sad to say, be a big big no no.  Peerage be a most important factor in these matches.  Both she and Percy hath been taught their lessons.  Unfortunately, in most cases if one doth find a love match, twill nay end up in marriage.  I knoweth of very few husbands and wives who didst marry for love.

My dear Rodriquez, I hope I didst answer thy queries to thy satisfaction.  Prithee, feel free to ask of me again, or if thou doth wish to have an issue clarified, do not hesitate to contact me.

I remain thine in spirit and grace....

Lady Mary

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