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The Twentieth of August in the Year of Our Lord, 1520 - Half past 9 in the eve

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Dear friends, 

Thanks to ye for being most kind and interested in my opinions and body, of knowledge that be.  I did'st receive a query from one imsoout and it hath taken me longer than usual to respond.  I did'st wish to ponder mine answer carefully as to not upset or offend.  Imsoout queries thusly:

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 8 months now.  We are both 17.  We lost our virginities to each other.  Will things stay good with us?  Are we going to grow up together and get married?

My dear, know that if I couldst, I wouldst give thee the answer thou doth desire above all others, that being yes.  However, I must needs explain why this be not the case.  As much as the both of ye love each other now, this, most likely will nay be the case in time to come.  Thou doth see that ye both are very young and dare I say, still very immature, or, not grown up.  And whilst ye didst give to each other a most precious and special gift, unfortunately this meaneth not that thou wilt grow old together.  People change as they grow older.  Ye may find that thy needs will change as well.  Art thou planning on attending university?  Art thou planning on working right out of school?  What sort of familial and socio-economic backgrounds art dost thou hail from?  In all honesty, I wouldst venture to say that this relationship will last through the remainder of thy grammar school days and then see itself ending as that phase of thy life cometh to an end as well.  This be not to say that this relationship be nay important nor meaningful for ALL relationships do have meaning and make us stronger and teach us valuable lessons.  But instead of living in misery and dread of what may be the eventual outcome, enjoy each other in full measure, enjoy and revel in thy youthful love (for there do be many who envyeth thy position) and be carefree whilst thou art able.  And nay allow anyone to downplay the importance of this relationship with this young man for if he turneth out to nay be Mr. Right (for all of thy like), he be in fact, Mr. Right for THIS time in thy life.

Prithee understandeth that this advice be from mine own personal experience and be nay intended to cause hurt feelings.  I be only concerned with thy well being and happiness and hope that it nay eludes thee.

Til I mayest be of service to any of ye again, I reamain faithfully thine....

Lady Mary

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