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The Second of September in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Half past 8 in the eve

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Glory be!  Preparing for progress be tiresome, intensive and busy work.  I hath nay forgotten ye, for thou art always in my thoughts.  

Tis going to be THE most wondrous time in New Market this autumn.  Mine uncle Norfolk hath sent to me my dear cousin from Father's side of the family, dear, sweet and dangerously naive Chastity Boleyn be with us.  Oh dear I do hope that betwixt Mama, George and myself that we nay send her into a catatonic coma with our antics.  It seemeth that word of the Mary Boleyn School do be spreading far and wide (Nan wouldst say like my legs) and Chastity hath been sent to learn from MOI the right and proper ways of being a lady.  It doth bring a tear to mine eye in sooth for how couldst I, Mary Boleyn, the King's Whore, Le  Daupin's English Mare, corrupt a heart so pure and true with my version of lady ship?  It do be mama's business for sure, for she didst teach me everything that I know.  And I hath leanred from the best.  Chastity, bless her heart, hath been following me around like a puppy dog, taking notes at every turn and bowing to mine every whim.  I daresay that I may become accustomed to having such a fine and upstanding young lady about me.  I dare say she doth worship the very ground I tread.

And my dear Mama....  It hath been rumored that she be having a most scintillating new gown tailored for the progress as it promises to be the social event of the season.  I for one canst WAIT to see what she shall don for, even though Nan do be a fashion maven, Mama didst teach us EVERYTHING we know.  Her golden curls will no doubt be allowed to fall freely over her shoulders and nay kept hidden behind a hood.  And my dear. sweet baby brother George.  Sigh.  He be the most handsome.

Uncle Norfolk and father hath said that once Nan's passion for Percy hath died down and if she behaveth herself this autumn and winter that she may join us again next season.  This year there promiseth to be fireworks a plenty as all of the best jousters from England and the continent do be converging on New Market for a Tournament of Champions.  It hath been rumored and I shouldst like to see this for mine own self, that the lady Chloe Von Schmaltzbaden doth possess a most striking resemblance to Nan.  I wonder....

Well, it must needs be time for me to depart for I must begin a new lesson with Chastity this eve, that being the proper way of eating an ice cream cone.  Anon one and all.

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