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The Fifteenth of September in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Quarter til 10 in the eve

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Greetings and well met dearhearts.  For those who didst submit queries to me and I hath nay responded, prithee all, lose ye not hope.  The time spent just prior to the annual progress do be most consuming of my waking hours and I fear that I must needs better budget my time.  

I didst hear from one Lady Helen who queried of me:

Dearest Lady Mary,

Pray, dost thou have any good advice when it comes to courting gentlemen?  How doth one woo them, and how doth one keep their affections?

Awaiting your reply,


My dearest Helen.  I have but one simple rule for the winning of the affections of gentlemen, to thine own self be true.  If thou art searching for companionship, it maketh perfect sense to be thine own self and to attract one who be attracted to a lady with thy personality.  And pretending to be something thou art not only invites heartache and disaster.  It be a recipe for deceit and mistrust to pretend to be someone thou art not and that be not the way to start a relationship.  In order to keep a gentleman's interest I wouldst recommend the following:  Be kind, be courteous, be considerate, heap praise upon him (for men do revel in the stroking of their egos), and do nay give up what thou art nay prepared to give, if thou dost take my meaning.  If thou art too willing to give it up, he may lose interest very quickly.  Instead, let him respect you for in the end, it shall maketh a world of difference.  If in the end thou dost find that he be nay willing to accept these things in thee, then he must needs be kicked to the curb as the pile of rubbish he be (I dare nay useth the term "dog" here for they are such affectionate and loyal creatures who loveth unconditionally.)

Helen, I sincerely hope that my sage advice hath done the a world of good and if there be anything else that I may do for thee, prithee, nay hesitate to asketh it of me. And that be true for any of thee out there.

Til our pens mayest cross pages again, I remain faithfully thine.

Mary Boleyn

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