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The eleventh of November in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Half past nine in the morning

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Dearest friends

I do so wish this day to express my many thanks and gratitude to thee for thy continued support and loyal readership.  And though I may be remiss in nay taking the time to update regularly, it doth warm my heart to its very core that ye do wish that I continue to record mine activities and to read of them.

On this special day of reflection, let us nay lose sight of all that be important in life, such as our families, friends and good and hearty health.  I be most thankful for the bounty that the Good Lord hath deemed fit to bestow upon me, even for my dear sister, whom I am quite sure is at this moment concocting some prank to play upon me as our annual fest of thanks do be prepared in the great kitchen.

So to all of thee, thank ye most kindly for thy support and God bless and keep thee safe!

And once this day be done, let the mighty preparations for the annual Yuletide celebrations begin post haste and in earnest!

Thine humble servant

Mary Bolelyn

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