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The Twenty-eighth of December in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Quarter past 3 in the afternoon

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My dears, tis been a long while since my last missive and I didst wish to extend my most humble and sincere wishes that everyone spent a glorious and blessed Christmas and holiday with family, friends and loved ones.   Mine were without doubt glorious as it were white spent in the north.

Tis my extreme pleasure to congratulate Quiet Flames on her impending nuptials, and to dispense to her most sage advice concerning the victuals to be served at the post wedding celebratory banquet.  She didst query as follows:

Lady Mary,

I have finally been betrothed to a most wonderful gentleman and would like to query you on the matter of food. We are planning on a small feast for our esteemed guests and it would do me the greatest honor if you could suggest a suitable menu, as I am not in the knowledge of such affairs.

Quiet Flames

I do so love weddings and it be my most esteemed honor to offer my culinary advice as such.  My dear, I have two wonderful websites to recommend to thee regarding the preparation of such delicacies, many of which are simple yet elegant.  Amongst my most personal favorites be spinach tarts which be similar to quiche, a beautiful salad of watercress and violets, and lemon salad.  I wouldst also suggest a libation most appropriate called hippocras.  It do be a spiced sweet wine served at many a banquet and dinner table.  The recipe do be as such:

1 Gallon Wine - I wouldst recommend a burgundy
4 Oz. Ginger
1.5 Oz. Cracked Whole Nutmeg
.25 Oz. Cracked Whole Cloves
4 Pounds Sugar

Prithee make certain that a cheese cloth bag be used for the containment of the spices so that no residue from them may pollute the final creation.  Allow the ingredients to permeate the wine overnight, no heating be required.  I warrant thee that thou shalt be most pleased with the results.  This wine do be most apropos served with dessert.

For recipes, do visit the two links I hath provided below.  The first of the pair be much more easily navigable and readable.

I do wish thee and thy betrothed a long, healthy and happy life together blessed with many happy memories and if  there be anything else that I may assist thee with, prithee, hesitate ye not to ask it.  And I be quite eager to be presented portraits of this momentous occasion.

I bid thee good health and long life!

Mary Boleyn

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