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The 10th of November, in the Year of Our Lord, 1522 - Before Sunrise

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Well met all!

Tis been verily a year hence I graced these pages as much hath been occurring in my life. Prithee, I ask that ye be patient and let things come to pass, most notably that of the impending birth of my first child. Tis nay been easy with my husband overseas tending to business for the past year, although he were quite capable of taking care of business here at home in March when he were able to take a brief holiday
*insert rim shot here*. And now I lie in wait for his return again in but a week and a half and then to squeeze this wee one out in but three weeks. Shouldst I go into labor and deliver sooner, in sooth, I WILL NOT MIND! 

So I ask thee kindly to please forgive mine absence as I have been here tending to all family matters on mine own. Please understand that one person canst nay do everything and I were forced to chose to withdraw from certain enjoyable past times so as to be able to keep up with other matters.

I do most humbly appreciate all queries as to my well being and shall return forthwith with news of the little bundle of joy, as I am sure he will be, who is of course making my life miserable now in my advanced stage of gestation.  For in sooth I canst nay feel the tips of the fingers on my right hand which maketh it difficult for me to compose my thoughts in writing
.  My shoes fit not and I have one pair I wear with much discomfort as the are the least uncomfortable.  I canst walk well at all and rival any duck I see in passing in a battle of the waddles. This hath also affected my gait as I were one to walk extremely fast oft times being asked to slow down.  Aye it do be frustrating.  The soreness in my hips maketh my bedtime an event not to be relished to but dreaded for the soreness doth keep me awake.  Yea, though I have tried the pillows between the legs, there hath been little relief in the discomfort they are supposed to alleviate.  Therefore, I go about my day in a sleep deprived haze.  Yes, I know, tis God's way of preparing me for the arrival of the "bundle of joy."  Mine abilities to concentrate and focus hath left me com...  Hey!  What be that over there?!

I shall let thee in on a wee secret.  The last few weeks of pregnancy doth suck so mightily that it maketh one BEG for the onset of labor, knowing that with the arrival of those first pains, that the ordeal shall be over soon and one can resume a somewhat normal life again, with a few changes of course.  I of course be looking forward to being able to walk from my bed to the privy in under a minute.

BUT! I digress! Tis a blessed event to be sure and we couldst nay be happier.  The physician hath assured us a healthy boy be on the way and his name be Travis.  Shouldst little Travis turn out to be a girl, there be no contingency plan as the nursery be boy decked out.  However, we hath been safely assured of his masculine gender.

Today I visit my physician who, I am hoping, shall tell me that my dilatation and effacement hath commenced.  I shouldst be so lucky.  So, til post partum bliss hath settled upon me, I do remain thine in thought and heart...

Lady Mary

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