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The 12th of December in the Year of Our Lord, 1525 - One in the Afternoon

Good morrow and well met. 'Tis been much too long since I hath graced these faire pages. However, my intent hath nay been with malice. 'Tis difficult to say the least, to be raising single handedly a newborn babe whilst his father is away on business in the Holy Land. However, with mine imminent return to my musings, I must express this: Yea verily! And there were much rejoicing!

I am looking forward with much anticipation and giddiness to resuming my dolling out of sage advice on all matters of life, of the heart, social graces, and domestic queries. I shall do my best to return answers to these queries as soon as humanly possible.

For those who are of the curious mind, my pregnancy and delivery were without incident, and my beautiful baby boy is of the gentlest countenance, of excellent disposition, and has the most beautiful eyes of azure the good Lord didst ever endow one with. I be most blessed with God's grace in delivering to me a most happy and healthy little one and look forward to many years of love and satisfaction of being a parent. I pray in goodly earnest to our most Heavenly Father that I nay royaly screw my task up.

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