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The 20th of December in the Year of Our Lord, 1525 - Six in the Morning

Word hath reached me via messenger that my husband shall be departing shortly on his journey home from the Holy Land. Pray that it be safe and without incident as many fall victim to peril on these long journeys. Our home shall be filled with joy upon his return, and I be most excited for him, as he shall be able to spend time with his son, who he has seen but twice since his birth. I revel in the notion that there shall be an extra set of hands to assist in the daily workings of our household, even if it be for all of three weeks. My poor body do be tired as my days be long and of little or no relaxation or personal time. If there be anything of consequence that raising a babe on mine own hath taught me, it be this: This parenting task do be stressful, albeit most worth it. I consider it most cliche, but in sooth most truthful in that there be no greater love than that love a mother doth have for her children, and it be a most wondrous discovery I hath made in full measure. For to mark each morning with the smile that greets me on the angelic face of my little one, be a gift beyond worth and measure. And to know that he loveth me without condition giveth me reason and purpose such as has never been known in my life. Verily I say to thee, that I oft muse on what purpose my life didst hold before his arrival, and know that from here on out, I shall have no greater vocation than seeing to his upbringing and bestowing influence upon him to become a right and giving individual devoid of selfishness and malice. Oft times I shed tears of pure emotion at the thought of the enormity of love I hold for him. For truly, I hath discovered my purpose and my true love.

Cheers to thee!

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