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The 5th of March, In the Year of Our Lord, 1526 - Half past 4 in the afternoon

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My dearest friend Britt, an aspiring educator (blessing upon her for undertaking a profession so noble)  doth write and inquire of Lady Mary:

Dear Tudor Advice Lady, what is the best way to handle a manipulative child? She fabricates stories and acts very emotional when pressured to do things she doesn't want to (like math). We all feel it's a ruse to get attention. Helpeth!! 
Signed, hapless in Hays County

In sooth, I know not the correct answer to this query, as there are many paths of sage advice on this topic.  Here, however, wouldst be the way I wouldst address the situation at hand.  Thy young charge must be made to realize first and foremost that those adults about her knoweth when she speaketh fabrications and this will NAY be tolerated.  For yea verily, 'tis always nobler to express oneself  with words of truthfulness, and her efforts in perhaps garnering favor amongst her classmates and instructors wouldst be more fruitful were she to be naught but truthful.  I wouldst then pose query to her regarding the difficulty she be having with arithmetic.  Be it that she doth nay understand the subject matter?  If this be the case, I sayeth, no doubt she be not alone, and I feel it wouldst be comforting to her to know this.  Perhaps her self esteem wouldst be lifted in knowing that at this time she be undertaking a difficult subject matter and that soon she will come to understand, but to not be afraid pr apprehensive, for eventually, all come to understand.  

In sooth, 'tis been mine own experience with those who wouldst manipulate others, that there be an underlying self esteem issue at hand.  Mayhaps some one on one time with thy young charge to get to know her and her underlying fears, so that both of thee may come to a better understanding of the other.

I do hope that this has aided thee in thy dilemma.  My heart be soft for those of the tender age.  Prithee, I humbly beseech thee to keep me abreast of thy progress with the wee lass.

Days of Yore - Anon

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