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The Twenty-sixth of July in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Nine of the clock in the morning

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Ask Lady Mary

Ah!  I feel it be time for reader participation.  A new feature as it were. Prithee each of ye who wish to do so, submit to me a question (or two, or three or four), that be burning a hole in thy noggins and thou MUST have an answer for or ye shall just DIE!  Thy queries may be of any nature from daily life in the 16th century to sage advice in the area of romance and relationships.   I shall be accepting queries on an ongoing basis and shall endeavour to answer each and every one no matter how absurd or strange.  Prithee, keepeth in mind however, that they must needs be legitimate queries and nay of a vulgar nature.   This be not to say that I will nay answer questions of a sexual or erotic nature, but will ask thee to resubmit  thy query if methinks  it be in poor taste or one that be not to seek legitimate knowledge or to satiate genuine curiosity.  'Twill be to my discretion whether or not a query be appropriate for a response, but suffice it to say, I shall take ALL into consideration.

It pleaseth me that there do be a link to the left called "Correspondence" to which thou mayest submit thy queries.  And, if thou wouldst, in thy subject line of thy correspondence mention "Ask Lady Mary" so that I may knowest the nature of the incoming correspondence.   Please leaveth me thy username so that I mayest address thee directly and link back to thee in my response.

With that, I heartily look forward to thy queries, with high hopes that they be most interesting, and shall endeavour to do each of ye proud with mine answers.

Anon dearhearts!

Mary Boleyn

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