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The 17th of June, in the Year of Our Lord, 1526 - Nine in the Morning

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Well met dear friends!  I am most pleased to report that my recent progress to the Holy Land and then back home were a journey of success and, thanks be to God, safe passage.  My husband, who be in the midst of an assignment at the King's bidding, were MOST happy to see both myself and our son, who groweth more and more into a young lord each and every day.  In the land of the Transjordan, where much of our Lord's life didst take place, there is much to see and do.  The sights, the sounds, the otherworldliness make one realize just how wonderful and varied God hath made the world, and what wondrous variety He saw fit to instill in all of His children.  'Tis not to say I found this new strange land totally agreeable to my senses, as there be an overabundance of dust in the air that doth find its way into every nook and cranny available.  Yea verily it were a constant battle to clean the dust and dirt that drifted in upon the desert air.

We didst also make our way to the fabled land of Lebanon, home to the Cedars of legend, oft mentioned in the Old Testament.  My love for this new found land knoweth no bounds as 'tis most beauteous and the local peoples are the most warm, friendly and hospitable bunch road and sea weary travelers couldst hope for. They express the utmost pride in their homeland, and are bound to it by its beauty and charm and most agreeable clime.  Yea verily, were any of us to become ill and unbalanced in our humours, I daresay the city of Beyrouth wouldst be an ideal local for recompose, and retirement and the clean fresh Mediterranean air wouldst do wonders to restore one's humours and good health.  

As it were, my dear husband, being that he were on the King's errand, was much consumed with his work whilst we were there, and much of the time I spent alone with our son.  'Tis nay an issue that I shouldst fret over, as the time he and I spend together be worth each and every precious moment.  His never ceasing curiosity and thirst for learning keepth me on my toes, and my mind engaged in devising new and entertaining diversions for him.  'Tis a chore to be continuously striving to prevent one's child from becoming engaged in activities that mayeth become potentially deadly.  Most notably, the prevention of the young lad from gaining access to the knives in the kitchens.  Necessity dictates I shouldst speak to cook about securing these sharp objects post haste.

No progress for a holiday with my spouse wouldst nay be complete without some sort of remembrance with which I returneth to the manor.  As in the past, I hath learned, and most happily, that I am blessed to be with child!  Our young lord wouldst be a big brother in the ensuing months, and my Lord husband and I couldst nay be happier!  Seeing as I do be tending to our home on my own whilst he is away, as I didst accomplish before, I shouldst hope and pray that this time around, I am able to conjure up the strength and presence of mind to tend to all that needeth tending to, whilst my belly groweth to unnatural proportions during my gestation.  One can only hope and pray that the King's business shall be completed in the very near future, as there shall come a point where my energies and abilities to tend to all domestic matters on my own shall cease to exist.  In any event, we greatly look forward to the blessed event which shall occur, according to my physician, sometime during the midst of January.

Til I grace thy pages again, anon!

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