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The Fifteeth of May in the Year of Our Lord 1521 - Early Afternoon

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Many many gracious thanks to ye who didst complete the latest Mary Boleyn survey regarding the translation of King's English into modern English. Were that I hadst thee stumped, do peruse mine own answers to see how well thou didst fare. I am most grateful for many of the attempts that those of ye didst make. The examination were possessing of a rather lofty degree of difficulty. Be ye certain to peruse mine other surveys as well shouldst thou be in search of a trifle of entertainment in thine idleness.

There hath been rumors that my dear sister and I may be on our way to France this coming autumn and wilt nay be joining their majesties on the annual progress. 'Tis a most interesting development to ponder. I shall keep each of thee informed as I do hear further.

Anon dear hearts!


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