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The Seventh of June in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Early Morning, around 7 of the c

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O misery, misery!  I do wisheth for a quick and easy demise as mine affliction hath robbed me of the very essence of mine enjoyment of life.  I do be tired, and cranky, sore, with the sniffles, sneezes, the ache in the head, and most heinous of all my symptoms and most the most discombobulating, I hath lost mine ability to smell!!!!   I canst nay describe how most peculiar this do be.  The parfums I don to be strong, yet I know not how much I be bathed in as I canst nay take in their sweet elixers.  I am afeared that perhaps I may have offended those around me for showering myself in too much.  If I were to unseen, place mine own foot in a heaping pile of dung, I wouldst nay know it for I couldst nay smell it.  Were I to be in an enclosed room with a most flatulent individual, I wouldst nay be wary of the noxious offending gas for I couldst nay smell it (this I do know from experience).  Oh to once again be able to absorb the richness of life's aromas around me!  To again be possessing of the ability to taste the richness and goodness of my favorite foods!  Although, I must needs confess that the lack of ability to taste hath diminished mine appetite and most hopefully a stone or two shall be shed from my body.  Perhaps Nan will cease her badgering of me and my expanded girth.  Dear friends, must I spell it out for thee?  I do habe a code!  Pray for my speedy recovery.

Bless thee and anon.


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