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The First of June in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Mid Morning

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The news hath arrived!  Tis true!  I shall be in attendance with Their Majesties this autumn in New Market Village on the annual progress, and Nan, that naughty impertinent girl shall be left behind at Hever Castle til she learneth full well the ways of conducting herself as a nobly born lady shouldst!  What a glorious day indeed! HA!  I didst tell her that if she didst insist on gallivanting about in naught but her unmentionables and cavorting with Henry Percy unabated that Uncle Norfolk and father wouldst surely have her punished.  Didst I not tell her?  DIST I NAY TELL HER!!!  Dear brother George shall be joining me along with Mother, who didst teach me all that I know of the ways of courtly ladyship.  Our dear poor misguided young cousin Katharine Howard shall be in attendance also.  And I believe her younger sister Elizabeth hath been granted a position at court this year to learn full well the ways of courtly life. 

Sigh, I shall be in a state of unbridled ecstasy to nay have to listen to Nan's mindless drivel all the livelong day of Henry Percy and how handsome and chivalrous he be.  "Oh dear Henry be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO handsome."  "OH Henry Percy be sooooooooooooo skilled with his sword."  "Oh that Henry Percy be so able with his mighty steed."  "Lord Percy this..."  "Lord Percy that...."  I do so feel as if I shall puke my guts out must I heareth one more iota of young Henry Percy!!  Mayhap now she shall have time to sit and think long and hard on Henry Percy's virtuous attributes and how they didst get her into trouble.

I be happy that His Majesty still findeth me attractive and doth wish to continue our relationship for it continue to bring honor and reward for our family.  One nay seeth ME locked in my rooms back in Kent.  Sigh....  

I do must confess however, that having Nan apart from me shall be like have a part of me not there.   What were I thinking rejoicing with glee the news that she shall be apart from me for so many weeks?  She be like my soul mate and knoweth every thought I am thinking and can herself finish my spoken thoughts before I do.  The more I think on it, the more melancholy I find myself.  Heaven for fend!  I do be on the edge of tears and find myself nay able to continue this narrative.  I must away with the quill before my tears spill onto thy pages and smear my thoughts beyond recognition.  I shall return anon to further ponder this dilemma and its deeper menaing.


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