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The Ninth of July in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Evening, 8 and 41

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It hath come to mine attention that I do be loved!  I give undying and most heartfelt thanks to the goodly Lady Tatnan who hath, through her selfless devotion and pimping hath raised mine declared admirers to above 70!  Hear ye all well!  Do bless her with thy presence and loyalty as she hath been good to me and shall forever be in my debt.

GOSSIP ALERT!!!!  I do be alerting thee that gossip be about!  I hath recently become privy to some information concerning the reason why Nan were sent back to Hever Castle and banished from court for such a goodly amount of time, a year in full measure to be exact.  It were quite by accident thou doth see, for I were eavesdropping on a conversation held betwixt my father and my Uncle Norfolk that didst seem to be of a sensitive family nature.  My ears didst of course prick up as I rounded the corner and didst hear Nan's name mentioned and why she were sent away and for how long.  It doth seem that father and Uncle were discussing gaining favor back with His Majesty after what Nan hadst done.  Well, I for one were NOT going to let this bit of information slip past me were they to be in need that I shoudst opine on the matter, so I waited and listened patiently out of sight.  

I were of the opinion it were Nan's haughty nature, assertive personality and fiery temper whereupon she were an affront to Their Majesties (we couldst only BE so hopeful) that were the cause behind her incarceration at Hever.  Am I never not reminding her that one of these days, she shall lose her pretty head if her temper were to be nay kept in check?   But NAY!  NAY I tell thee!!!  For in soothe, Nan were secretly pre-contracted to Sir Henry Percy Lord Northumberland!!!!  A marriage proposal and engagement!!  OH THE HUMANITY!!  The sheer arrogance of it all.  To think that she couldst, with nary a word of approval from His Majesty nor an arrangement by mother and father in her marital future, to think that she couldst be so bold as to pre-contract with the son of the Duke of Northumberland.    It be mine understanding that Cardinal Woolsey didst have a hand in breaking the lovers up and forbidding their union.  Woe be unto he, for I should nay  wish to be on the receiving end of her wrath, once she be allowed back at court.

But what be more heinous than secretly pre-contracting and putting our family in a precarious situation?  How couldst she keep such a momentous event from me?  I do feel betrayed!  Mine own dear sister, who doth adore the mental tormenting she giveth me, mine other half, my closest of friends, didst nay confide in me of this, the single most exciting event in her life!   She deserveth full well her punishment in mine own humble opinion, to keep her sister in the dark as such.  And her pleadings to me to visit her shall fall upon deaf ears as long as I mayest help it.  To think, that mine own younger sister wouldst marry before me!  She shall learn her lesson and learn it in full measure. 

But until I mayest see her again, my heart shall ache.

Anon and anon.


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