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23rd March, In the Year of Our Lord, 1526 - 2 o'clock in the afternoon

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'Tis strange to be in wait for an event, yet knowing not when said function shall occur.  Yea verily I do be speaking of the initial planning session for this year's progress to New Market.  Being that the end of March 'tis nigh upon us and we have yet to convene and brainstorm, leads one to wonder what be in the works, and, if one's services and counsel shall be warranted this year.  I hear it spoken that we shall perform in essentially the same manner as last year, with one minor variation, that being the absence of a weekend dedicated to the Court of France and their "art of courtly love."  'Tis nay of consequence as the theme that shall be its replacement be that of the Privateer, or Pirates as many wouldst refer to them.  Nan of course, being in her current piratanical frame of mind, be most delighted in this change of flavor, and will no doubt prosper most beneficially in her current venture and commercial endeavors.  I be filled with the utmost goodwill and best wishes for her in her business dealings as 'tis alway useful for one to learn a new skill to increase one's own value as a person.  George hath naught an opinion as he hath been in France tending to diplomatic matters in that fair kingdom, and no doubt to ease the sting of the omission of their invitation to the Progress.  *Sigh* Mon Dieu.  I holdeth in my heart naught but affection for our amis across the Channel, however, I be afeared that this snubbing wouldst be to our detriment and our relations with our French brethren shall be forever on negative terms.  In my most humble of opinions, I predict that the French one day shouldst be the arse end of many a joke about the world.

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