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The Seventeenth of May in the Year of Our Lord Fifteen Nineteen - Evening

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Mon Dieu ma chere!

I must confess to thee that I be a bit nervous. I must spend the entire evening on the 'morrow with my sister. Avec ma souer!!! I wouldst like nothing better than for the two of us to be the epitome of finesse and grace whilst in each other's presence, however, one knoweth how it doth play out when we be in the company of our peers. Mayhap I shouldst diligently rehearse my most profound statements of insult and jest in order to be best prepared to match her quick wit and intellect.

BUHA HA HA HA HA!! Oh dear Lord in the glorious Heavens above (do forgive me for taking thy name in vain Dear Lord)!! I hath slain mine own self!! Quick wit and intellect. NAN?!?! I didst know that I couldst never say nor write such things about her all the while maintaining my composure! Oh how sinful. I feel wicked and I do love it!! 

Ma chere, I do be laughing with such fortitude and wouldst thou realize it, but my tea didst (I be most embarrassed at this) most hastily force itself from my nose onto the desk. Must call to the housekeeper to bring rags ("snort"). 

Dear me, I be mortified at how undignified and unladylike that were!

Anon mon amie!

Marie de Boleyn

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