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The twentieth of May in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Nineteen - Morning

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Bon Jour Mon Amie!

Glory be to God for a beautiful Sunday. I do be rejoicing in that the revelries in honor of Her Majesty, Queen Catherine of Aragon were an unqualified success! The soiree were well attended by the following: Her Majesty in her most opulent splendor, myself, my sister Anne, Sir William Paget, our dear friends Janie and Bessie Seymour of the Wiltshire Seymours along with their brother Sir Edward Seymour, Dame Alice More whose husband Sir Thomas More were noticeably and unfortunately absent, The Baroness LaBonne of the good ship the Pride 'O Bedlam, Her Royal Highness, Princess Mary Tudor the Duchess of Suffolk, Georg von Frundsburg representing the Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian, Sir William Light of the House of Miller, the Bishop of Canterbury (to bless the many years of marriage of Their Majesties) and the most singly astonishing attendant were His Most Sovereign Majesty!!!

The feast were prepared at the beginning of the evening and was of a most delectable nature. I didst dine on a flat bread called a tortilla (which closely resembleth the unleavened bread used in the Holy Communion) served warm and containing within melted cheddar cheese accompanied with a gravy of meat and onions. It were called a cheese enchilada and gor blimey if it were not the most ample of treats! Such goodness in such simplicity! My taste buds wait in anticipation 'til I can partake of its rich and gooey substance once again. A raucous good time were had by all. 

When we didst complete our supping, we adjourned to the great hall of the manor for drink and a most wondrous surprise. His Majesty along with Sir William Light, Edward Seymour, the Bishop and Sir William Paget did present a pageant which explored the relationships between man and woman from the dawn of time to the present. I do confess that I were charged to make periodic commentary on the vignettes being performed with regard to the subject matter. Be it the rag tag nature of the presentation or the quantities of wine and other spirits that were consumed, the presentation were of loose construction, but this didst nay deter the laughter emitted from those present. Never in my 19 years hath I seen nor heard such comic observations on the subject. I dare say that His Majesty were quite pleased with himself and with me as well. 'Twould nay be polite to record in these pages the nature of the vignettes and in sooth I do blush at the very thought in remembering but a few of these displays of "masculine" talent. I shall nay go into the sordid details of the pageant, nevertheless, I shall ne'er forget the image of Sir William Light in undergarments of exotic animal skin! And suffice it to say, that there were portrait makers present and the event will be recorded as such for posterity. There do be, I fear, material for blackmail!

I do be happy to report that Nan and I were on our best behaviour as well and didst nay speaketh one unkind word to the other. It be my wish that we may find the strength to corroborate on such a worthwhile project once again.

I must take my leave of thee dearest one for the bells of the church do toll and it be time to celebrate the Mass.

Au revoir!

Mary de Boleyn

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