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The First of May in the Year of Our Lord, Fifteen Twenty - Late Evening


I hath returned from my wonderful venture northward to the shire of Scarborough and I do have much to relay to thee. To begin, the journey were most pleasant and the Ladies Victoria and Brenna do make the most agreeable of traveling companions. We didst wax poetic on many a topic and planned our schedules for our imminent arrival. We arrived shortly aft the noon toll of the clock and immediately donned our finest garb and sullied into the faire grounds. We were met by the Lady Nina Burks and Lord Trevor Perry and his daughter, the Lady Sawyer. We then sought out the Tudor Rose, purveyor of the finest blossoms in the shire, who were very gracious in allowing us to place our personal effects for safe keeping in their proprietorship. 

We then sallied forth to await the procession of the indigenous folks and Their Majesties through the grounds of the Shire. On their approach, the parade were being led by Nikolai, the King of the Gypsies, a colorful and exuberant individual of Romanian or Russian decent. His band of scalawags were a sight to behold as well. I shouldst daresay I wouldst nay care to be caught on a dark night unawares whilst they be afoot.

I were swept up in the flurry of the procession and before I knew it, we were at the end and I were feeling a bit faint from the heat. My dear brother Georges were there to meet me and he didst escort me to cooler temperatures where I couldst recover my wits and ready myself for the remainder of the day. I didst recover quickly, decided that the heat were immense and it were also decided that I shouldst nay exert myself. I didst also discover later that hunger mayhap were also a culprit for mine uneasiness.

Needless to say it were WONDERFUL to finally set eyes on my brother who didst inform me that our sister Anne were waiting for me as well. And she were a wonder of wonders to set eyes upon. She positively glowed and we were no worse for the wear to greet each other as long lost friends. She were positively radiant and in spirits such as I had not seen in years. It dist bring a tear to mine eye to behold her happiness.

I were escorted about and introduced to many. The residents of the Shire were most gracious at my introductions and didst greet me as a long lost family member as well. Many had said that my reputation hath preceded me then there were much laughter, however, the warmth and charm exuded by all didst give me a feeling of sincerity. I were presented at the court of Her Majesty Queen Margaret, Queen of Scotland and the Isles, our Majesty’s sister, I were welcomed on the podium for the show of falconry skills and the display of fowl of all varieties. The presentation of an eagle from the New World didst choke up even those of most steadfast constitution and there were hardly a dry eye amongst the spectators.

Amongst the more interesting and memorable gentlemen were the King’s Master Vintner, Amand Hearte, Herr Wolfgang “Wolfie” Guztav Krebbs, the Baron(ish) von Liechtenstein, a foppish pirate hunter and whom I didst give quite a jolt with some of my naughtier humor and Jonathan Percival Rooke, another foppish pirate hunter who didst produce a silken scarf from his cod piece and he and I didst commence in the twirling of hankies together. I must compliment him on his technique. However, none possesseth the skill as my mentor, Sir Terrence Weggelswerth, the Pure.

I met several Ladies, many of whom are members of The Order of the White Glove. Mistress Margaret Pole, countess of Salisbury, Her Excellency Sabine Von Bayern, Grand Duchess of Weurttemberg, Ambassador. MY!! So many titles! And scores of others. My head were positively SWIMMING by the time I didst meet everyone.

The victuals in Scarborough Shire were quite satisfactory and I didst enjoy meals of pasta with olives, pasta with pesto and chicken of stir fry.

In the evening we didst dance and my dear brother were nay worse than I imagined. He doth possess skill in him movement and I shouldst like to think that I set him on the path of such. 

Unfortunately, the time didst come for me and my companions to bid our farewells and to depart the shire. Parting were such sweet sorrow but I didst promise to return ere the year’s conclusion and many didst promise to visit me in New Market in the fall.

I hath since corresponded with Georges and I eagerly await his reply.

Till then my dearest, I have my memories of the Shire of Scarborough to last a lifetime.

Adieu and anon ma chere!


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