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The 6th of March in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Late Afternoon

Confidante of mine

How farest thy hostess thou might wonder? Well, in soothe, it hath come to mine attention that the organizing activities of a fund raising event be hair whitening indeed. I canst nay tell thee how many goodly folk hath responded in the affirmative that they wouldst be attending the benefit for our local band of goodly playersí performance to raise money for the acquisition of new performance space, then later sent messengered word to me to the contrary with their regrets. These goodly players are certainly worthy and deserving of the financial contributions from the goodly folk here. I do so hope that all of our planning hath nay been in vain. The plan were to have the troupe demonstrate their dramatic skills on one of the lawns in the evening this Saturday, however, the weather predictor hath stated that there be rain on the horizon and therefore the revelries must be moved indoors. Tis nay a problem as we do have the room, but it will be warm indoors, and the clime this season hath been mild and pleasant to endure. I feel tis of no consequence as all who will be in attendance will be friends and will greatly enjoy the revels.

It hath been rumored about the court that for this autumnís progress we shall be without our dear and Nanís beloved Duke of Northumberland, His Grace, Henry Percy. It seemeth that His Highness hath requested that His Grace embark upon a diplomatic mission to France to negotiate with His Majesty, King Francois I, the hand of the French Dauphin in a pre-contract for the Princess Mary. Tis also said that the Duke of Suffolk shall accompany him on his journey as he is accustomed to and fond of meddling in French affairs. But I mentioneth not of his marriage to the Dowager Queen of France, the sister of our Goodly Sovereign, Mary Rose Tudor. And, as I understand it, both shall be spending much of their time at the lists competing in jousts. No doubt they shall reign superior as the French are not known for their exemplary fighting tactics. 

Nan hath made it abundantly clear that she shall be wearing the latest in French fashion this autumn in a gown and kirtle that shall surely outshineth mine own. Her expertise with the needle hath earned her accolades from many around the court who be clamoring for her services and she hath nay had time to stitch away for herself. One full of such pride in her appearance shouldst always be attired in the finest, and with her hand in the making, I have no doubt that she will be a vision.

We still await patiently who will be named to be in the Tournament of Champions this autumn. And it hath been rumored that each of our gallant knights shall be paired with a lady who for whom each will ride with and for her favor. I do so hope that I am chosen. I hath been hearing whisperings that Nan may be one of the lucky few. Hmph! Self proclaimed Home Coming Queen. That shall be ALL she will ever be queen of!

Ahem. I do digress and chastise myself for having slipped into unkind thinking of my dear sibling. I must put away the quill dare I write more and be smitten with a foul temper.

Anon mon chere confidante.

Mary B.

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