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The Sixth of April in the Year of Our Lord, 1521 - Late morning

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I didst wish to introduce all of ye to my wee lap doggie who hath provided me with hours upon hours of merriment these last 4 years. She be of the most pleasant countenance and agreeable personality. Her name do be Abigail and she be a white terrier hailing from the Scottish Highlands. Father were kind enough to have a portrait of her commissioned that I believe truly representeth her personality, spirit and spunk. So without further adieu, mi lords and ladies, I presenteth to thee, Abigail in all her puppified glory:

Please note that she be stretched with her backside elevated on my pillow, hind legs outstretched in a casual pose demonstrating no pretense nor ill will toward man nor her surroundings.

When one adopts the white terrier from the Scottish Highlands into one's family, one gains a fiercely loyal and protective member of the family with cheerful countenance, agreeable personality, a companion with superior intelligence and a pup who be concerned with cleanliness as well, for when I do take my shower, I do have to be quick to enter as she may very well jump in behind me whilst I am nay looking. As for when it doth rain, she enjoys no greater romp that that of sprinting through the wet grass, only to be let back into the manor soaking wet. However, being the well behaved pup that she be, she walketh directly to the rug that hath been designated for her in this particular state where she be briskly rubbed all over with a towel to dry her tiny body. She do be tiny, weighing in at less than a stone. In sooth, one of our feline companions be larger than her. They do be wonderful friends, however, and it doth warm the cockles of mine own heart to see them spending time together:

Sigh, if only the rest of the world were able to live in such harmony as these two. The cat do be called Persephone, and be another animal of such agreeable personality I oft wonder if she wisheth or even thinketh of herself as one the canine persuasion. When one doth approach her, she yeildth her belly to thee to be rubbed and be very gratified at this action. Notice ye the glowing of the eyes. Some wouldst opine that sable coloured cats do be not of this realm of existence, however, I do begeth to differ as an animal so sweet coudldst nay be a spawn of Lucifer. In sooth, she do be as delightful as one born into royalty and hence we hath adopted a pet name for her, "Princess P". "Persephonater", "Miss P." and "P." do be amongst her other monikers. Her propensity to lounge as the Sphinx of Egypt hath earned her the name "Sphinxy" as well.

Abigail do also be known as "Abinater", "Abby-wan-kenobi", "Abbs", "'Tinker" (which be short for Stinker) and "Puppy-girl". All of which she doth heartily respond to.

Nan, bless her little heart, hath employed the companionship of a canine hailing from the Bavarian region, a wee bit of a pup known as a dachshund and hath christened her Fossey. No doubt it be a play on the "fussy" countenance most Germans display. She do be an unusual looking creature with a rather elongated body, and very short legs and elongated snout. It be said that this hound do be a superior hunter. However, I see no such ferocity in her as she be a very sweet creature.

We do possess one other of the feline persuasion, who doth be elusive and nay likes having her portrait captured. I assure ye, that once one of presentable quality hath been procured that I shall introduce her to all of ye. Her name do be Zoe.

Well my friends, tis all for now. I do so hope that ye didst enjoy meeting my dear four legged friends as much as I enjoy having them in my life. The Lord didst give us dominion over the beasts of the world and humanity doth owe them the utmost respect and debt of gratitude for enriching our lives so greatly.

Til we meet again dearhearts... adieu!

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